Surrender to War

The play SURRENDER TO WAR tries to find a connection between mentality, which was dominant during the WWII, and one that is dominant in nowadays Lithuania. Using Jane’s Elliot’s “Blue eyes-brown eyes” experiment as an inspiration, the play uses propaganda and discrimination methods in a humorous way. The second part of the play searches for a similar way of thought in nowadays YOLO generation and ends with a depiction of a notorious murder in Lithuania – a girl, who was abducted from a bus stop, raped and burnt alive, locked in the trunk of a car, in the middle of nowhere, while talking to the police for half an hour. The police couldn’t find her, since the SIM card of her phone was taken out by her rapists.


2017 m. COM-MOON-NA, Alytus

2017 m. CrisisArt Festival, Arezzo, Italija

2015 m. Baltojo kaspino festivalis, Kaunas

2015 m. PIN dienos, Vilnius

Creative Team:

Director: Gildas Aleksa
Scenography and lights: Aistis Lansbergas

Actors: Milda Naudžiūnaitė, Renida Baltrušaitytė, Džiugas Kunsmanas, Karolis Kasperavičius, Milda Jonaitytė 

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