Domestic Tragedy

The classical “Othello” of Shakespeare here presented in a small Soviet apartment (each time different). This site-generic piece shows the tragical co-living experience of two young couples – Othello, Desdemona, Iago and Emilia. Through a research of the correlation between Soviet architecture and the inevitable co-habitation conditions of the younger generation this performance evolves into a too relevant subject of domestic violence.


2019 m. Lietuvos teatrų pavasaris, Kaunas

2018 m. COM-MOON-NA, Alytus

2018 m. Startas, Rokiškis

Awards and nominations:

2019 m. Lithuanian Spring of Theatres award 

2019 m. Golden Scene Cross nomination in the category of best debut/young artist

2019 m. Fortūna statuette for the director of the show

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