A Call To His Father

One of the most intimate of F. Kafka's writings - "Letter to Father" - is usually presented in schools as a reason for the subsequent literature of the writer. Nevertheless, this letter is receiving a growing attention from the English-speaking theatre.

A one-sided dialogue has an ambiguous effect - it is painfully relatable, yet it is difficult to tolerate the protagonist of the piece. This is why this mono-show is diving into complicated family relationships where a pendulum of emotions swings between blaming and forgiving, victims and oppressors, community and individualism. 

The play does not try and impersonate the author, yet it tries to grasp the never-ending story between a Son and his Father.

Creative Team:

Director: Gildas Aleksa

Composer: Jokūbas Tulaba

Set & Costume Designer: Martynas Arlauskas

Actor: Arnas Ašmonas

Show Dates:


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