A fine-dining tragical comedy in two acts

The first tragedy of W. Shakespeare "Titus Andronicus" has recognisable characteristics of a piece written by a young person: a lot is going on, everything means something, there is a general sense of nihilism and a tendency towards the absurd. For this reason this tragedy - also known as the most violent play pf Shakespeare - has not only shocking elements but also a surprising amount of comical elements. 

The tragedy - with no historical truth to it whatsoever - presents to us Rome that eats its citizens. As well as a mother that eats her own children. "Titus Andronicus" constantly raises the question - how much can we consume, digest, intake. Because of this reason the play is co-created with a talented chef Tadas Eidukevičius, who interprets all five acts of the play as dishes in order for a small group of spectators to be able to experience the play and its taste.

This is the first time that "Titus Andronicus" is translated into Lithuanian and staged in the country. It is a unique possibility to introduce ourselves to a classical piece that we have yet to discover.

Project is financed by: Lithuanian Council for Culture
Partners: Arts Printing House, Dramų stalčius

Creative Team:

Director: Gildas Aleksa
Chef: Tadas Eidukevičius
Set and Costume Designer: Ugnė Tamuliūnaitė
Composer: Jokūbas Tulaba
Translator: Aivaras Mockus

Show Dates:


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