A mocumenticary based on the novel "Rejuvenation of Siegfried Immerselbe" by I. Šeinius

One of the more famous Lithuanian writers Ignas Šeinius was known only for his romantic novels. But in 1934, only a year after Hitler is in charge in Germany, Šeinius writes the first Lithuanian novel that tackles global social problems. "Rejuvination of Siegfried Immerselbe" was a prophetic satire, mocking nazism even before its atrocities were known to the world. By telling a story of a nazi professor, who thinks he got too old by the age of 52, then goes to Italy to have a surgery to get young again, wakes up a Jew, since the surgery consists of an injection of other-race-hormones, the show tries to speak about narcissism as a main source of racism and xenophobia. Using mockumentary as a storytelling method the show uses one of the first Lithuanian futuristic stories to talk about nowadays racism and nazi "heritage" in the country. Even though the novel was positively accepted by critics and audience, it has never been republished. When a representative of a publishing company saw this show, the publishing of the book, first time in 85 years, will take place in October 2019.

Co-producer: Panevėžys Juozas Miltinis Drama Theatre

Financed by: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania
Informational partner: „Kauno diena



2019m. X Dalios Tamulevičiūtės profesionalių teatrų festivalis, Varėna

Awards and nominations:

2019 m. Golden Scene Cross nomination in the category of best debut/young artist

2019 m. Fortūna statuette for the director of the show

2018 m. A work in progress of the show won the contest of Lithuanian authors in performing arts named after Dalia Tamulevičiūtė 

Creative Team:

Director: Gildas Aleksa
Dramaturgy: Vaidotas Žitkus
Set design: Aistis Lansbergas
Composer: Jokūbas Tulaba
Costume design: Inga Skripka

Actors: Vaidotas Žitkus, Matas Dirginčius, Dalius Skamarakas, Gytis Ivanauskas, Milda Jonaitytė, Milda Naudžiūnaitė, Arnas Ašmonas/Karolis Kasperavičius

Show Dates:


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